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Poster number Presenter Title
S6-P.01 Llorenç Cabrera-Bosquet Enabling data exchange between crop growth models and PHIS information system for phenomics through ICASA and AgMIP data standards and tools
S6-P.02 Nándor Fodor Database Sensitivity of the Biome-BGCMAg Biogeochemical Model
S6-P.03 Clément Saint Cast An online database of plant and crop computational models
S6-P.04 Serge ZAKA Using open weather data for crop modeling? It is possible!
S6-P.05 Marco Carozzi "Evaluation of mitigation practices to reduce N2O and increase soil C
S6-P.06 Ranju Chapagain Historical and current approaches to decompose uncertainty in crop model predictions
S6-P.07 Mathias Christina Comparison of sugarcane STICS model calibrations to simulate growth response to climate variability
S6-P.08 Elsa Coucheney Sensitivity of soil-crop models to spatial variation in soil-management interactions across Southern Sweden
S6-P.09 Willem Coudron Identifiability analysis to improve experimental design for crop model calibration
S6-P.10 Gerrit Hoogenboom Comparison of three calibration methods for modeling rice phenology
S6-P.11 Asha Karunaratne Calibration of the phenology sub-model of APSIM-Oryza and validation for rice varieties: going beyond goodness of fit
S6-P.12 Amit Kumar Srivastava Impact of different sets of climate variables on regional Maize yield simulations- A case study in Sub-Saharan Africa
S6-P.13 Nicolas Beaudoin Associated tools for STICS testing and development towards agro-ecology, mitigation and adaptation to climate change
S6-P.14 Christian Folberth Combining crop modelling and machine learning for rapid provision of crop yield estimates and externalities
S6-P.15 Joe Gallear A machine learning pipeline for climate impacts: crop models versus deep learners
S6-P.16 Gerrit Hoogenboom Tools to Support Computational Crop Model Analysis and Comparison
S6-P.17 Kwang Soo Kim Application of a gridded crop growth simulation support system to a Raspberry Pi cluster computer
S6-P.18 Cyrille Midingoyi CyML language and transpiler: Re-using biophysical processes in crop growth models across multiple platforms
S6-P.19 Alfredo Rodríguez Computationally-intensive crop model simulations using serverless computing for Mars colonization
S6-P.20 Tibor Marton Exploit the Panel: Combining Agronomic Weather Measures and Year Effect in a Spatial Study
S6-P.21 Alfredo Rodríguez Using spatial data for running and validating process-based models. A case study for a Spanish province