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Poster number Presenter Title
S1-P.01 Lethicia Magno Modelling Memory : do crop models need to become nostalgic?
S1-P.02 Danaë Rozendaal Crop growth models for tropical perennials: current advances and remaining challenges
S1-P.03 Yan Zhu Current rice models underestimate yield losses by short-term heat stresses
S1-P.04 A L C De Silva Variation in photosynthesis and transpiration efficiency of sugarcane at elevated atmospheric CO2 and temperature
S1-P.05 Kendall DeJonge Using crop coefficients and standardized evapotranspiration methods to evaluate crop model behavior
S1-P.06 Jean-Louis Durand Phenology of grasslands: a new model
S1-P.07 Florian Heinlein Modelling the transpiration of single maize plants using an explicit xylem flux model
S1-P.08 Panu Korhonen Root descriptions of crop simulation models - do they serve studies of climate-smart agriculture?
S1-P.09 Mukhtar Ahmed Modeling phenological responses of table grape cultivars
S1-P.10 Fety Andrianasolo Developing a mechanistic foliar stage model adapted to wheat diseases decision tools
S1-P.11 Fety Andrianasolo Predicting wheat yield and protein content at the plot scale with machine-learning and mechanistic models
S1-P.12 Ioannis Droutsas New modelling methodology for improving crop model performance under stress conditions
S1-P.13 Sylvain Edouard Analysis and modeling (STICS / L-egume) of crop growth under shading conditions in Agri-PV context
S1-P.14 Deborah Gaso Assimilating leaf area index into a simple crop model to predict soybean yield and maximum root depth at field scale
S1-P.15 Armen Kemanian What can crop modelers learn from machine learning models about corn, sorghum and soybean?
S1-P.16 Christoph Müller Potential yield simulated by Global Gridded Crop Models: what explains their difference
S1-P.17 Chinaza Onwuchekwa-Henry Potential for using low-cost spectral sensors to predict yield in small-scale rice fields in northwest Cambodia
S1-P.18 Simona Bassu Potential maize yields in a Mediterranean environment depend on conditions around flowering
S1-P.19 Rafael Battisti Performance of CSM-DSSAT-CROPGRO model for soybean plant density in low latitude in Brazil
S1-P.20 Martin Bednařík Potential and challenges of long term uninterrupted field crop rotations modelling: case study from Czech Republic
S1-P.21 Kurt-Christian Kersebaum From point to field scale: How consistent are agro-ecosystem models in terms of changes in soil texture?
S1-P.22 Bruce Kimball Prediction of Evapotranspiration and Yields of Maize: An Inter-comparison among 29 Maize Models and Future Plans
S1-P.23 Kritika Kothari First Soybean Multi-model Sensitivity Analysis to CO2, Temperature, Water, and Nitrogen
S1-P.24 Crystele Leauthaud Modelling floodplain grasslands to explore the impact of changing hydrological conditions on vegetation productivity
S1-P.25 Bing Liu Comparison of wheat simulation models for impacts of extreme temperature stress on grain quality
S1-P.26 Eva Pohanková Modelling of drought stress in field crops by crop growth model DAISY
S1-P.27 Elodie Ruelle Predicting grass growth: The MoSt GG model
S1-P.28 Hossein Zare Comparison of DSSAT wheat models performances with different regions and cultivars
S1-P.29 Mukhtar Ahmed APSIM Next Generation to Model Red Clover Under Nordic Climate
S1-P.30 Ahmad Banakar Extraction of FAO Growth Model in a Fuzzy Control Hydroponic Greenhouse
S1-P.31 Yuji Masutomi Development of a global crop growth simulation model for simulating long-term trends in rice yields: Global MATCRO-Rice
S1-P.32 João Vasco Silva Winter wheat development and growth in The Netherlands: Using a detailed field trial to update crop parameters in WOFOST
S1-P.33 Tamara ten Den The effect of potato cultivar differences on parameters in WOFOST
S1-P.34 Jingbo Zhen Modelling water and carbon balances of date palm trees under different salinity conditions
S1-P.35 Laura Delhez TADA, a mechanistic model for carbon, nitrogen and water cycle in cropland and grassland ecosystems